Kenilworth Designer Dunny Competition

We are proud to show you our entry for the "Kenilworth Designer Dunny Competition". The brief was to design an iconic building that provides toilet facilities to Isaac Moore Park but must be 4m above ground level to deal with local flooding from the Mary River.

Our design, the 'Dunny Detour' aimed to be an activated space to bring attention to the local area. The design has sprung from the idea of a journey of how Kenilworth was developed while also being a practical solution for a dunny.

The form is comprised of a circular ramping shape with multiple landings, the first landing highlights the bush area that frames the site and the second highlights the local farming areas. After a reference back to the existing shelter the fourth platform opens up towards the hinterland. Finally, the top platform, which also is the area for the toilets, is directed towards the Mary River. Each landing and viewpoint is reflecting on an important piece of Kenilworth's history. The circular design also results in a new activated space in the center which could be used for weekend markets.

The journey up the 'Dunny Detour' is highlighted by different materials - concrete, timber, colorbond walling, corten steel and reflective mirror. Timber is used to reference Isaac Moore, the founder of Kenilworth, red colorbond walling and corten steel links to the indigenous owners of the land and the timber and tin Queenslanders of the area. The reflective mirror gives the form a floating effect.

The untouched natural earth at the base of the ramp indicates that the environment was originally inhabited by the local indigenous people. The next stage of Kenilworth's development was the introduction of sheep & farming to the area - this is represented by the mounding of earth and grass at the base of the form. As you move up the ramp, the materials show the change from basic building materials such as timber and the inventive construction methods that Isaac Moore used to more modern materials.

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