Carpet Selections

Carpet selections go in and out of style but its something we love specifying here at Studio 15b. Especially for bedrooms in residential applications as it adds cosiness in the cooler months and a sense of luxury. Carpet in commercial environments can also add to the interior style and branding of your business.

There are a multitude of colours and styles so it can get confusing choosing the right carpet for your application. Studio 15b considers all the aspects - colour, pattern, materials, profile, cut, underlay, size etc.

In general terms for residential applications; a mid-range neutral colour (not too dark & not too light) is the most practical to show less light and dark coloured fluff and dirt. If you like a very dark or light colour then its best to keep this just to the bedrooms as they are less used rooms. A selection of 100% wool is ideal in homes if your budget allows with the best quality underlay you can afford.

For commercial business applications; classic patterns add to a corporate image or depending on your business you could be a little playful to work in with your business branding. Low profile carpets are better for office environments and work better with task chairs. Reception waiting zones can be more plush. Carpet tiles allow for ease of replacement in harder wearing zones.

Studio 15b looks forward to discussing your project and how we can best incorporate carpet. Review our Pinterest Carpet Images at

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