Site Measure

A "Site measure" is essential at the beginning of a project where existing building elements are to be incorporated in the new design. We bring out our tape, laser, and draw some sketch plans to note down measurements for everything required. This sketch ends up being not to scale and quite a mess with lots of essential information. This photo is an example of a site measure we did recently for proposed alterations to an existing office fit-out

The site measure sketch is then used to build an existing building model in Revit 3D software. Existing building models are never perfectly accurate, so all dimensions should be checked on site by the building contractor during construction. Especially for old Queenslander houses that have moved over time and are not totally square. We make a model of 'best fit' which is a really good representation of the existing building, to use moving forward. Its a great reference for the new project to use for the design process and for the construction phase. Existing building plans are also required for council when changes are made to buildings.

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