Our Services

We can provide the following services for your new home project or major home renovation;


Let's chat - Firstly, we dedicate time to sit down with you and develop a detailed brief of your requirements.  At this time, we listen and understand your needs.  From here we determine the services required for your project.  This brief is also what our fixed fees are based on. Depending on your project the pre-design stage could also include a site measure and existing home drawings. 


Brainstorming - In our first stage of design we rationalise your brief to develop a customised initial solution for your individual project and site.  This is a great starting point for you to assess the design.


Further Designing - In our second stage of the design process we further develop the concept design and look at project specific items in detail such as an internal stair case design.  If required, this stage will also include drawings required for a Development Application (DA).


Let's get your design approved - This stage involves developing the design and documentation for submission to the Certifier for building approval.


Detailed documents - This stage involves the preparation of drawings and schedules to allow the project to be priced for construction.  Detailed documentation allows you to compare multiple prices accurately because all items are documented and therefore no PC 'allowances' need to be made for future selections.


Kitchens, Bathrooms & more - This stage involves the preparation of schedules & drawings to design and document the joinery, wet areas, colours, finishes, fixtures & accessories required for the project.


Let's get it built - We can assist with the pricing stage plus before, during or after construction as required.


Let's chat about it - Please call us to discuss your individual requirements as we can provide other specific services such as simple pre-design sketch ideas that might be useful prior to purchasing a property.

Our Design Process

Each project is different and the above services can be tailored to your specific project needs.  In our initial consultation we discuss and question your needs to determine the best design process moving forward.


Does your current home cater to the everyday needs of your household?  Or do you need to re-plan and re-organise existing spaces to make better use of what you have?  Can your home better open up to views or be re-orientated to enhance the solar aspect and breezes?  Or do you have a vacant site with the luxury to create a custom designed home?  We love creating homes that make your life sing and are designed exactly to suit your needs.  Where there is a place and space for everything.

Our process aims to add value to your initial thoughts and ideas as well as cover all aspects of your brief.

Our Design Philosophy

Our style of architecture is derived from the location and sits well within its context. It is modern architecture that always strives to be a little different from previous projects as well as adjoining property.  We listen, address your brief requirements and give vital individuality to each project.  We love beautiful, simple design which is often harder to achieve then it appears.  We are practical operators.  We consider your brief, cost effectiveness, build-ability and maintenance of materials as well as aesthetics.

Why you should use Studio 15b

We aim to provide a stress free experience by assisting you to plan your project from concept to completion.  We guide you step by step through the process from beginning to end.  Studio 15b delivers a personal and practical approach to Architecture + Interior Design. Our designs help calm and organise a modern, busy lifestyle.  The process for each project is as individual as each brief.  We have a large range of skills and aim to provide you with a design that is architecturally beautiful, yet fulfills your requirements.  We take pride in seeing our projects through from start to finish.  We invite you to contact us to discuss your design goals.

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